Top 10 Pest Control Companies in South Yarra

Top 10 Pest Control Companies in South Yarra

South Yarra residents! Pests, depending on which one makes your life hell, can be difficult to remove. The removal of rodents can be challenging, but not impossible, for an expert offering the best pest control services in your South Yarra suburb. The same can’t be said for every company out there. So, to know which ones you can consider for a pest removal task in South Yarra, you came to the right blog.

Before you read about the 10 best pest removal companies here, read on a few things you must consider in a company offering removal services for pest control.

  • Local pest control company
  • Licences for the business
  • Experience
  • Commercial or residential pest control
  • Insurance of pest control experts
  • Pests: the company specialises in removal or control
  • Experts with decent experience
  • Best pest control products
  • Latest equipment
  • On-time arrival
  • 24/7 on-duty
  • Warranty/Guarantee (if any)
  • Health and safety standards are followed
  • If they use eco-friendly products.

Since every pest is different, its removal will also be different. Make sure the company you are considering does pest control work for the pests in your house. Don’t wait too long to do pest control because the later you are, the more havoc pests will wreck. The best pest control service providers in South Yarra won’t be able to save your home or office if it gets.

Severe pest infestations are not only a burden on your monthly budget but also on the health of those you care for. It is even if you discredit yourself. Pest-poisoned food, pest-damaged clothing and furniture and pest-infested living areas, any of these things can make you feel wild. So don’t let things escalate out of your hands, and contact top pest control experts in South Yarra sooner than you might have planned.


Here are the companies you are on this page with!

1. 365 Pest Control

365 pest control

A name is often all the information you need. 365 Pest Control is no different in that case. The experts here are on your beck and call, making immediate service their one of the USPs. They have embraced latest of the technology and keep on updating their skills fuelling their pursuit of excellence on an on-going basis. Their customer-first approach makes them meticulous about their methods of pest control in a way to least impact the daily routine while also keep an eye on creating minimum impression environmentally.

Since the pest control market is already flooded with the good, bad and worse, they stand out by making clients comfortable by their professionalism and expertise of the pest and the methodologies of pest-control. The post-pest control service is even better at the price they are offering it.


Phone No0433949536

Email Id –

Address – 30 FELIX WAY , TARNEIT VIC – 3029

Google map location:


  • Rapid response
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All pest and termite solutions
  • Chemicals used are non-toxic, child & pet friendly
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Termite Inspection and Treatment Services
  • Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp Control
  • Termite Inspections & Control, New Home Barriers
  • Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections
  • Based in Melbourne
  • Award-winning service
  • Family Owned & Operated – 60 Years’ Experience
  • Same Day Service
  • All Pests Covered
  • Australian Owned & Operated


  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Fleas & Bedbugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Bird Lice
  • Bird Mites
  • Birds
  • Borers
  • Feral Cats
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Termite Dog Inspections
  • Dust Mites
  • Earwigs
  • Feral Animal
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Possums
  • Silverfish
  • Snakes
  • White Ants

2. JMC Pest Control

The company very professional in delivering pest control services and taking care of all the queries of their clients and ensure leaving the house in a good condition no or minimum odour. They have mounted years of experience and care for your health deeply. They have got great reviews and recommendations on various listing sites.

3. Red knight Termite and Pest Control

Besides the pests that are common in a household, this company excels at removing termites from a place, once and for all. Also known as white ants, termites can eat up everything organic and cellulose, multiplying on the way. The company also performs termite inspections to generate detailed reports if you are planning to buy one. Companies listed in the category of best pest control agencies in South Yarra can never leave out this one!

4. Fantastic Services Group

They are fantastic in their work, approach and methodology when it comes to removal of harmful as well as nuisance pests. They have quite some experience and love to add more to their list. No pest is a challenge and they ensure to fill clients with necessary details to not let these come back crashing. No-delay response and no-odour after the pest is removed are great pluses as well.

5. Tip Top Pest Control

If you are not feeling tip-top for a while due the pest infestation at your place, prepare to be amazed by their service. They are among the top in their league and excel at integrated pest management, which is what commercial units expect. However, that in any way doesn’t meant they are not good at managing house pest commonly found lurking in furniture, upholstery, and kitchens and bathrooms.

6. Reliance Pest Control

Building strong on its name, Reliance has earned many recommendations for itself over the years for its services and lasting relationships with the client on both commercial and residential fronts. Rodents, cockroaches, possums, bees, ants and many others like these can be handled very-well so that you can feel your home as it is and not a brooding ground of abhorring and harmful pests.

7. Zeropest Australia

Ever wondered what best a company can give when it comes to managing pests? Well, ZeroPest had it killed when they have come up with unique guarantees. At least they know how to market it for the starters. And their popularity vouches for their services which has made it land on this list of companies with top pest control experts of South Yarra.

8. Pester Services

The name has a youth buzz to it and youth are among the demographics they cater to though not really limited. The experts are professionals and they want to keep their work that way. They tackle almost every pest that you may come across living in a suburb like South Yarra. They serve both commercial and residential clients; the only thing which is different is scale of the pest control to be implemented.

9. Panda Groupz Property Maintenance

The company mainly deals in any and every maintenance job a house/building might need at some point. The categories of services they cater to also include pest control. With their array of works, one might presume them to be sloppy service provider, but that’s not the case. They know what they are doing and how to do it in a way to make clients satisfied about hiring them in the first place.

10. Pest-Zap

The newcomer on the list has much potential to give competition to the oldies and make others to aspire for better. Their casual approach puts clients at ease quickly. They are great at inspecting sites and planning out the ways to rein in the pests. Looking for their nests and then performing specific methodology for particular pest is their expertise. And nothing disrupts your life extraordinarily.

The list has it all; the top 10 pest control service provider agencies in South Yarra, with 365 Pest Control featured on the top. Do let us know to offer us an opportunity to serve you.

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