Top 10 Pest Control Companies in St Kilda

Pests are more than the usual nuisances; they are serious troublemakers. They can alter the experience of a place you call home or office or somewhere like a restaurant. With them, your place will never seem like your own. You want a restful night’s sleep, but a bed bug might not let you. You are committed to making your restaurant kitchen the most hygienic place, but rodents and cockroaches have got the better of you.

You have come to this blog hoping for someone to help. The top pest control companies in St Kilda are all the help you need, as listed below. Here are some things you should consider before hiring any of them!



Only those close to you can offer genuine help. Consider asking your friends/family/colleagues who have used such services and would recommend them. Online listing sites can also provide reviews and recommendations companies receive.

  • Survey, Pricing and Eco-concerns:

All pest control sites will have contact info. Inquire about the locality they serve, the pests they specialize in removal and how soon they can respond. In addition, inquire about the price quotation, premises assessment for pests and your environmental concerns. 

  • Guarantee:

The top pest control services in St Kilda can give you some sort of assurance about the pest in question. Just to be sure, look for genuine and realistic guarantees. In order to deal with repeat pest infestations, some companies offer AMCs. Find out if there are any extra or hidden costs.


And now, the top 10 pest control experts in St Kilda, Victoria, are listed below. See which one you like:

1. 365 Pest Control:

365 pest control

If a brand reputation is something you value, the company can offer you peace of mind. Its reliable work ethics, high quality of service delivery, strategic bait-positioning, and use of ecologically sustainable products if resonate with you, you are welcome to offer some work. 365 Pest Control is among the top pest control service providers in St Kilda. The company has highly trained experts who believe in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in pest control. They focus on keeping your family safe by delivering quality products and implementing specific monitoring techniques for particular pests.

And all this goodness is delivered timely while keeping the price competitive and well in budget. Their professionalism is visible in their attempt to put the client at ease, even when some clients seem unsure of some pest control job. Google map location:


Phone No0433949536

Email Id –

Address – 30 FELIX WAY , TARNEIT VIC – 3029


  • Rapid response
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All pest and termite solutions
  • Chemicals used are non-toxic, child & pet friendly
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services
  • Termite Inspection and Treatment Services
  • Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp Control
  • Termite Inspections & Control, New Home Barriers
  • Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspections
  • Based in Melbourne
  • Award-winning service
  • Family Owned & Operated – 60 Years’ Experience
  • Same Day Service
  • All Pests Covered
  • Australian Owned & Operated


  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Fleas & Bedbugs
  • Bees & Wasps
  • Bird Lice
  • Bird Mites
  • Birds
  • Borers
  • Feral Cats
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Termite Dog Inspections
  • Dust Mites
  • Earwigs
  • Feral Animal
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Possums
  • Silverfish
  • Snakes
  • White Ants


2. Fantastic Services Group:

They are just as they have named themselves and their customer would vouch for their services. They have every service under one roof which a property owner might seek and thus has taken a spot in this list of top pest control service companies in St Kilda. They take care of all the pests lurking in your house, like rat & mice, Spiders, Cockroaches, Possums and Birds.


3. Reliance Pest Control:

Sustainable business practices, green initiatives with least employing of chemicals for pest control set this company apart from others on the market. Their offers are among the best compared to other top pest control service agencies in St Kilda. Since the company is insured in every way needed, you are thoroughly covered.  


4. JMC Pest Control:

If 10 years in the industry mean something, they surely have done great services to the locals of St Kilda and other suburbs. The company exercises customer-first approach and have high standards to put their competitors in mode to be better. The effective pest control management at a given place tells a lot more than words here ever can.


5. Redknight Termite Pest Control:

The company has nailed every aspect of the company with best pest control experts and services in St Kilda. They are servicing several suburbs and have happy customers everywhere. They are called again and again for newer pest control needs. The company specializes in termites control but does the other tasks as well. They are so assured of their excellence, thanks to the accreditations they showcase. They serve same day and offer 6-month warranty on all pest treatments. They also take payment in monthly instalments for those with tight budget or small income.


6. Pest Disturbers:

You can ask the company for the pests they handle but be ready to be amazed at the broad list of pests they take pride in controlling. You can ask for inspection services pre-purchase of properties if termites are a concern. Their after sale support is also among the best in the industry. The company is young and is ready to do anything to earn precious positive word of mouth.


7. Zeropest:

They are best known for the kind of guarantees they offer on various pest control. They do everything that is expected of a reputed pest control company and you would love to call them again if such a need arises. Zeropest professionals are among the best in the industry. Go through their list of recommendation and reviews by people like yourself and then follow the suit if you like.


8. Tiptop Pest Management:

The company is among the top pest control service providers in St Kilda with every professional insured and heavy with skills and experience. They are timely trained and keep abreast with the latest technique on pest control. Their employing natural and eco-friendly chemicals keep everyone around healthy and satisfied. They work round the clock to receive pest control requests and answer on immediate basis, keeping a follow up plan as well for the tougher pests.


9. Pestxperts:

All the queries are answered on immediate basis since they understand the ‘suffering’ these pests are capable of bringing. They go by customer’s values rather than their own but feel a commitment towards an eco-sensitive servicing. Their strategically planned pest control makes way for a hassle-free removal of everything about the pest in consideration.


10. Melbourne Wildlife and Pest Control:

You can get any kind of pests out of your home and site from these. Their quotations are reasonably priced but hire them only when you are satisfied. They are known for reporting in detail if this is your requirement. Even after a pest control job is accomplished, they are willing to go an extra mile to make you satisfied, enough to give them another chance whenever there’s a pest control task at your place.

The above list is meant to leave you with some of the top-notch pest control companies in your suburb St Kilda. If the list seems quite too-much to start with, you can always give us an opportunity and see if we match your demands and be successful in delighting you with our services.

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